Our Story

When examining a newly formed cocoon in her grow-a-butterfly kit, my then 5 -year-old daughter looked at me and asked, “Do you think he knows what he will become?” She was questioning the transformational processes unfolding before her eyes, wondering if the caterpillar who would completely dissolve in its cocoon, knew it would emerge a monarch butterfly, unfold its wings, and take flight. It was one of those moments in which a child says something that cuts to the truth of experience. So often in life, we experience barriers to realizing our true potential of happiness, connectedness, and success. We are broken down, a shadow of our former selves and potential. But our potential for happiness and success still rests within us. The question my 5-year-old asked hits to the core of what we aim to do at Monarch Behavioral Health. Through our work, we help individuals and families realize and attain what they can truly experience and become by overcoming their challenges and barriers. With this intent, Monarch Behavioral Health was formed to provide psychological testing and treatment as a pathway of change and growth for individuals, families, and the Metro Detroit community.