Executive Functioning Deficits

Executive Functions are brain processes that help regulate and guide our behaviors and emotions to attain short and long-term goals. Executive Functions are important in our daily lives, as they help us regulate ourselves to accomplish things like plan tasks/activities, start and stop activities, inhibit undesirable behaviors, organize, and solve problems in a flexible manner. Although Executive Functioning Deficits are a core symptom of ADHD, many children and adults experience these difficulties without having a diagnosis of ADHD or Learning Disability. Many symptoms, such as disorganization, difficulties planning, self-monitoring, impulsivity, and/or forgetfulness can actually be symptoms of other problems or disorders such as Anxiety, Depression, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and/or Learning Disabilities. Our clinicians at Monarch Behavioral Health have the expertise to help diagnose Executive Functioning Deficits and put together a treatment plan and accommodation resources, to empower you and your child to address these difficulties.