Adolescent Therapy

Is your teen experiencing moodiness, irritability, worry, inattentiveness, negative behaviors or difficulties learning? At Monarch Behavioral Health we can help your teen understand and cope with difficult emotions, behaviors and learning challenges.

The teen years are filled with intense change and growth, which can sometimes be derailed by emotional, behavioral, social, or learning difficulties. At Monarch Behavioral Health, we can help your teen understand why they are having difficulties, and what they can do to feel better. We work with teens to build emotional and behavioral toolkits that they keep with them as they develop into adults, supporting their growth and success. Using these tools, they learn to manage difficult emotions, reduce problematic behaviors, and engage in positive relationships. We most frequently utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy but can be flexible with our approach to best suit your adolescent’s needs. Often, when teens come in for services, parents also engage in the process to learn strategies specifically tailored to their child’s and family’s needs. In this way, your teen will grow to manage their emotions and behaviors, and your household will support this growth. Your teen can move through adolescence feeling confident and happy.

Make an appointment with a doctor at Monarch Behavioral Health today to help your teen move toward happiness, confidence, and their true potential.