ADHD is a commonly diagnosed, but an often misunderstood disorder of childhood and development. Many of the symptoms of ADHD, such as inattentiveness, disorganization, challenges completing school work and impulsiveness can actually be due to other primary difficulties such as Learning Disabilities, Language Processing Issues, Giftedness, Anxiety, Depression, and/or difficulties with social development. Often, a diagnosis of ADHD is inappropriately given to children who are experiencing these difficulties, and then medical, therapeutic, and school interventions that follow are not actually treating or addressing the core problem. At Monarch Behavioral Health, our doctors have the training and expertise to accurately diagnose your child. Save time and resources and get an accurate diagnosis, as well as effective and research-based recommendations for your child’s difficulties with attention, focus, and/or behavior.

Once you have obtained an accurate diagnosis, or if you have previously obtained a full evaluation, Monarch Behavioral Health can help guide you to put the pieces of accommodation, support, and treatment into place by implementing tools and strategies across contexts in your child’s life. Although medication can certainly be helpful in treating ADHD, research has clearly demonstrated that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and coordination between providers, parents, and school are highly effective. Your clinician will work with your child individually to increase their tools to deal with ADHD symptoms, be sure you are empowered with proven parenting strategies that work, and help communicate best practices to your child’s teachers and school.