Workplace Wellness Programs & Executive Coaching

Mental wellness is paramount to positive workplace culture and a successful business. In a recent survey over 80% of individuals seeking jobs indicated that the ways in which a workplace supports their mental health is a top priority in choosing and deciding to stay with a company. The experts at Monarch Behavioral Health apply the science of psychology and well-being to engage, empower and support individual wellness and positive group processes in your workforce. We are committed to providing employees and businesses the information and strategies to reach their full potential.
Services are specifically tailored to your business and workforce. After your free consultation, a needs assessment is conducted, and programming is specifically designed to meet these needs. Monarch Behavioral Health’s programming is renowned for its engaging, and sometimes even entertaining takes on cultivating wellness.
Monarch Behavioral Health delivers mental wellness workshops, individual and group wellness support, executive coaching, employee evaluation and risk mitigation. See below for a thorough description of these service areas.

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Direct Consultation

Executive Evaluation & Coaching: We work with high-level executives in fields such as the automotive industry, business/finance, and healthcare to enhance leadership skills while facilitating personal wellness to meet the demands of these high-pressure positions. We offer confidential, individual counseling and assessment services both in person and via telehealth, with daytime and evening appointments available. We utilize skill-based, empirically supported techniques, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), to provide executives with tools to combat burnout, find meaning in their work, build resilience, and improve relationships. Cultivating mental wellness is an integral piece of finding balance and success in high-pressure environments.

Wellness Interventions for Individuals & Workgroups: Monarch Behavioral Health provides workforce services as unique as your company. We work with individuals and/or groups to address any mental health needs on an ongoing or as-needed basis. We employ evidence-based interventions to facilitate resilience, positive group dynamics, genuine and appropriate work relationships, and effective decisions making, while also addressing mental health concerns. Individualized interventions optimize your employee’s and the organization’s well-being.

Wellness Evaluations

Individualized Evaluation: Companies seek out workforce evaluations as part of growth programming, hiring processes, or when considering candidates for high-level positions. For these purposes, areas of evaluation often include workplace attitudes and attributes, personality functioning, relationship patterns, and overall mental wellness. At times evaluations may also gather data on cognitive processes and functioning. By administering staff-wide or individual assessments, (such as the MBTI, MMPI, etc.) experts at Monarch Behavioral Health guide individualized and targeted growth with a data-driven approach.

Risk Evaluation & Mitigation: Monarch offers executive risk assessment and risk management services provided by clinical psychologists experienced in a range of business sectors, including the medical, business, and public safety fields. We provide real-world recommendations and consult with your company on implementing a mitigation plan. Monarch also provides longer-term consultation for companies with ongoing risk management needs.

Company Needs Assessment: Group dynamics and workplace culture can be challenging to harness. Monarch Behavioral Health provides company-wide needs assessments which guide data-driven approaches for upper management and company leaders to utilize in strategic planning. Harness wellness in your workplace environment to meet your company goals.

Wellness Programming: Workshops & Seminars

The experts at Monarch Behavioral Health deliver specialized programming to optimize employee wellness, reduce burnout and build team cohesion. Our workshop formats offer high-impact and memorable experiences rooted in empowerment. We provide workshops as a series of 1-hour sessions (booked on separate days), 3-hour blocks (for half-day trainings or as part of a wellness retreat), or individual, stand-alone 60 – 90 minute sessions. Workshops can be offered on-site or virtually. All workshops are specifically created for your workplace to address your specific needs. Please see the example workshops below.

Example Seminar Titles and Descriptions:

Developing Individual and Organizational Resilience: There has been much talk about resilience in the past few years. We know that resilience is bouncing back and learning from challenges that we face. But how do we actually become more resilient? The good news is that resilience can be taught in a skills-based training setting. This workshop is facilitated by a clinical psychologist who utilizes the latest evidence-based behavioral science to develop resilience in your employees and organization.

Emotional Intelligence Skills for the Workplace: This workshop will teach your employees how to better understand and manage their emotions. In addition, they will learn how to resolve conflicts more effectively. The skills they will learn will benefit them both at work and at home. This engaging and interactive experience applies evidence-based behavioral science techniques to common challenging workplace scenarios.

Building Resilience with Personal Wellness Plans: This interactive and integrative experience results in highly personalized action plans. Participants engage in a self-assessment either before or during the seminar, examining their areas of strength, weakness, and resilience. Each participant then engages in exercises that guide the creation of their personalized wellness plans. All wellness plans to target evidence-based strategies for cultivating resilience.

Stress Management for Busy People: Who wouldn’t like to better manage the stress in their life? But who has time for stress management during a busy day? This workshop teaches your employees practical evidence-based stress management techniques that they can use in their daily lives. Using an approachable and common-sense style, this workshop will help develop a culture of wellness in your organization.

Specific to Medical Settings:
Trauma and Posttraumatic Growth in Medical Professionals: Understanding and managing trauma in medical professionals has never been so important. In recent years we have seen unprecedented increases in the number of nurses, physicians and other healthcare workers who are reporting symptoms of acute and posttraumatic stress. This workshop will teach your employees how to identify the signs and symptoms of acute and posttraumatic stress. Using the latest evidence-based techniques, your employees learn how to employ effective coping strategies for workplace trauma reactions. In addition, participants learn the most effective ways to facilitate posttraumatic growth.

Additional Topics to Consider:

  • Think Yourself Successful: Recognizing and Growing Successful Thought Patterns
  • Tapping Your Full Potential: Using Emotional and Behavioral Strategies to Maximize your Impact
  • Effectively Addressing Burnout
  • Easing the Road Forward: Preventing Substance Use and Abuse
  • Healthy Connections: Relationship Patterns for Growth
  • Suicide Awareness and Prevention
  • Mindfulness in Business Management
  • Well Rested: How to Increase Positive Sleep Quality